Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ilana's Cauliflower Pie

So my friend Ilana makes amazing pies. This one sounds great. Ilana! I'm waiting for a picture. I'm hoping public humiliation will prompt a quick response from her. She did send me the recipe though. Warning: She is more Aries that I am so her directions are brief.

Ingredients and Directions:

I roast the cauliflower with cumin and olive oil until all caramelised and delicious.
Mash it with fork.

Mix with cheese of choice.
I used marinated goats cheese but have
used ricotta and feta before.
Put in pie.

Scatter with fresh mint.




[Follow the pastry directions for the lamb pie - It's Ilana's method anyway]

The picture below is my friend Sue's version of Ilana's pie. She used puff pastry, tasty cheese, ricotta cheese and vietnamese mint (coz that's what they had in their garden). Apparently it was a wave-your-arms-in-the-air triumph. I'm awaiting a picture of it's innards.

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